Daryl Wallace

Give me a problem child product or dog, I'll show you what I can do. Give me a fallen star or unrealized idea and I can help you build it up. Strategic global-thinking mind behind many successful brands, apps, campaigns, recurring events and start-ups.

A strategy, innovation and solution build leader with 15 years professional experience as a strategy consultant, software engineer, UX designer, web developer, tester, webmaster and IT Consultant. Strength in unlocking new business models for redefining markets and new business; shaping, and prototyping opportunities; identifying partnerships, joint ventures and investment trends.

Experience spans Europe, North America, Asia and Africa with a focus on high impact ventures, new technologies, new business models and old business models repurposed. Daryl is from England, uses a European passport and holds a US Green Card where he is resident.

Currently open to assisting new clients with projects and program launches, mission, early stage start-ups, ideas and prototypes. Past business lines clients include Airlines, Hospitality, Property Development, Financial, Music, Publishing and Events. I support and volunteer my time occasionally to help new Social Enterprises, Yoga, Technical, Creative and New Age communities.

Competencies cover finding, redefining or repurposing existing brands, new ideas, foundering businesses built on old models, software delivery and fulfillment, market and value innovation; strategy and brand development; business modeling, coaching, mentoring startup teams and pre-commercial ventures.

An analytical background with frameworks and strategic thinker combined.